Monday, August 3, 2009

open belly at pinhook!

The Devoted Belly Dance Collective, practitioners of the Tribal Fusion style, will be performing at the Pinhook's Open Belly Dance Night this Tuesday (8/4) at 8 pm.

I haven't seen them, but found this video online:

Got the tip from Devoted member Julia Milton Corley, who teaches belly dance at Hillsborough Yoga. (She's also a licensed massage therapist.)

Other dancers are expected to turn out. Ululations!

Update added 8/5:

Open Belly Dance Night was a very laid-back, friendly gathering of friends and devotees. It will be repeated, I'm told, and I can see this event attracting a following.

For now, I found it pleasant to be in Durham's trendiest bar when it wasn't crammed to the gills. I raised my glass with one local attorney/indie rock demigod who was working late at a downtown office.

My low-light video doesn't do them justice, but you can still make out some movement:

Rotating in the lead: Nandana, Emily Beaman, Julia Milton Corley, Suzanne Kennedy. They make up some of the membership of The Devoted, as well as other local belly dance ensembles.

Some info on the various styles American Tribal belly dance

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