Sunday, October 11, 2009

CORRECTION: WUNC-TV and UNC-ED showtimes for "Latin Music USA"

UPDATE / CORRECTION: Yes, the show will air!
For digital cable package customers, UNC-ED airs Latin Music USA on 11/17 and 11/24 in two 2-hour segments.

WUNC-TV will air Latin Music USA on four Fridays in November beginning 11/6.

My apologies, UNC-TV! Your website is very hard to search, however, when I enter "Latin Music USA" on a general search I get no records. On the calendar search I had to pre-select the correct day (thanks, Georg) in order to locate these.

New Link Added:
New York Times review of Latin Music USA episode 1

****original post below*****
I just realized that Durham Time-Warner Cable PBS station WUNC-TV is not showing Latin Music USA, a new 4-hour documentary series scheduled to start airing across the country Monday, Oct. 12. This new documentary promises to be a definitive landmark, produced by WGBH Boston and the BBC, and containing interviews with some of the most important living figures in Latin music.

Link: Latin Music USA website
See also "Latin Music USA" on Facebook

The omission is egregious when you consider that it's Hispanic Heritage Month. Preview screenings and concerts with musicians from the film have been going on in cities around the country leading up to this premiere.

I'm really disappointed that it does not appear to be on the WUNC-TV schedule at all, either now or at a later time. (They recently cleared a whole week of regular programming for the Ken Burns National Parks series.) Does anyone know if it is the same story in surrounding areas? Raleigh, Chapel Hill, etc., is it airing on PBS stations where you are?

Durham, we need an action plan. I'm going to call the station on Monday and ask that they air it. Here is WUNC-TV's contact page if you wish to do the same.

Movers and shakers, any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

If I'm reading the UNC site correctly, it looks like the program is airing on UNC-ED (which is on the digital package but not part of basic cable) w/ 2 episodes each on 10/17 and 10/24. And then it's coming to the main UNC channel in November (2 episodes scheduled for 11/6)
(apologies if this posts twice; i had some confusion with the logging in process)

Margaret said...

I am in the Triad area, High Point. I Tivoed the show and it came up for Oct. 17,2009 at 9:00 p.m. on channel 503 TWUNCED for parts 1 and 2. The original schedule from New York. It plays there on the 12th.