Friday, November 13, 2009

Harpsichord Heaven

Photos from Thursday's harpsichord unveiling and concert:

golden garden
don't touch! that's real 24 carat gold leaf.

Beverly Biggs
Beverly Biggs with her harpsichord.

post-show peek
Opus 333 by harpsichord maker Richard Kingston.

Rebecca Pechefsky, Richard Kingston, Lisa Creed & Elaine Funaro

333 hinge design

signature of painter Lisa Creed
Painted by Lisa Creed.

333 keyboard

Below: Kingston, Creed and Funaro.
Richard Kingston, Lisa Creed & Elaine Funaro


And finally! Chart Gawking...

"Freely": 4th movement of Sonata for Three Harpsichords (1998) by Chapel Hill composer Edwin McLean.

"My work has a lot of Latin influence because I lived in Miami for 25 years," says McLean.

His "Sonata for Two Harpsichords," which starts with a tango movement, was also performed at Thursday's concert. The entire program, which includes Bach works for harpsichord and baroque string quintet, is being repeated Friday in Chapel Hill and Saturday in Raleigh (see calendar).

Richard Kingston, who made Funaro's Opus 333, is a leading harpsichord maker with his workshop in Mooresboro, NC.

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