Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hard Bop at Hayti, Sunday

John Brown @ The Mary Lou
John Brown @ the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture

Rummaging through my unposted videos last night, I found this gem: From a bitterly cold night in February, I threw on my down jacket and headed out to the very cozy reservoir of Jazz at the Mary Lou. Here, the John Brown Trio plays "It Could Happen to You." The clip opens with a John Brown bass solo; he is accompanied by Eric Hirsh, piano, and Orlandus Perry, drums.

It could happen to you: THIS SUNDAY (5/23) at 4 pm, the John Brown Quintet performs with Eric Hirsh, Ray Codrington, Brian Miller and Kobie Watkins, at the Hayti Heritage Center. General admission, $10.

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