Monday, August 2, 2010

Pocket Full of Funk: The Engagement

Blu & Brevan
Blu Thompson and Brevan Hampden jamming @ The Republic

All-around percussionist Brevan Hampden and his fiancee Amithyst Castro celebrated their engagement last Friday night with a great, funky jam session at The Republic in downtown Durham. Members of Brevan's musical family held down the house band--mom Brenda on piano, and dad Ivan on drumset--along with a slew of friends and musical guests dropping in.

Hampden Jam @ The Republic
Trumpeter Lynn Grissett

Hampden Jam @ The Republic

Jazz pianist Joey Calderazzo (with whom Brevan plays regularly) was jamming up a storm when I came in. Other musical guests included William Darity on guitar, Pete Kimosh on both electric and double bass, Mark Wells on vocals/piano, and Eric Hirsh on piano. A mighty horn choir waited in the wings, including Al Strong, Lynn Grissett, James "Saxsmo" Gates, Blu Thompson, Eric Dawson, Brian Horton and others.

Brian Horton shakes a tambourine between sax solos

William Darity & Mark Wells
William Darity sits in on guitar, with Mark Wells, piano


Short form: Solos by Blu Thompson (soprano sax), Mark Wells (piano & vocal).

Long form: Solos by William Darity (guitar), Brian Horton (sax), Brenda Hampden (piano), Eric Dawson (sax).

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