Friday, September 17, 2010

Peruvian Dance Party: Tropic Orchestra

Backlogged video from the vault: Tropic Orchestra performing at the Peruvian Independence Day Celebration back in July:

Rey Riera, seen on guiro here, has since taken over the bass position from Jeff Nelson. This gig was missing a trombonist, so Tamahl Gorham stepped in to double up on trumpets. Andres Leon takes a piano solo at the 3:30 min mark.

This was fun for me, my first time at the Peruvian American Coalition's yearly dinner/dance event at the Carrboro Century Center. For $20 it was a big plate of tasty Peruvian food, plus entertainment. The Peruvians have a healthy appetite for salsa, as well, and even after a full meal, they didn't hesitate to take to the dance floor. Here's a view of the scene as Tropic plays "La Murga":


Tropic Orchestra performs once this Saturday (9/18): at the Cary Caribbean Festival, around 5 pm. (An evening gig at the Copacabana in Raleigh, advertised here earlier, has been cancelled.) See calendar (right sidebar) for details.


If you would like to learn more about the Peruvian American Coalition, here are some local numbers you can call:

Durham (919) 672-6624
Chapel Hill (919) 308-8586
Raleigh (919) 641-5489
Cary (919) 414-7516

Little Selena
Jaime Roman sits in with Tropic Orchestra as a young girl, who performed later in the program as Selena, looks on. July 24, 2010 at Peruvian Independence Day Celebration.

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