Thursday, February 3, 2011

Faceoff in Fayetteville

UPDATE 2/4: Tickets For GARDEL AT THE SPEAKEASY are now $10 at the door. REFUNDS for the difference will be issued if you purchased an advance ticket at higher price. --Info Source: Speakeasy Management, via Andy Kleindienst

I'm not sure what star alignment is responsible for this, but two Triangle salsa bands will go head to head in Fayetteville this Friday (2/4) night:

Orquesta GarDel, entering phase 2 of its CD release party at The Speakeasy:


Tropic Orchestra, billed as Ricardo Diquez y su Orquesta Tropical, at Congo's Latin Club:

Ricardo Diquez says Tropic's lineup is largely unchanged, with Ramon "Chino" Casiano on congas/backing vocals and Jonah Vincent on second trumpet for this gig.

Congo's announces a cash-prize Salsa Contest on Facebook.

The Speakeasy is a "cigar bar," but also/and (?) a "nightclub"--no word on whether the smoker-friendly bar is physically separated from the dancefloor.

See calendar (right sidebar) for details.


Orquesta GarDel artist website
Tropic Orchestra on ReverbNation


Anonymous said...

Well, Congos is $5 ladies and $10 gentleman, while in Speakeasy is $20 each one

Anonymous said...

Speakeasy tickets are now $10 at the door. The venue has lots of dance space and is smoke-free.

Anonymous said...

Speakeasy needed to lower the price because nobody wanted to pay a high price for a local band. Funny part they wait until today to lower it because they didn't sold enough tickets in advance. Well Congo's still better because we ladies are only $5 and I want to get that money prize in the contest.

Sylvia P. said...

Slightly rephrasing: Conga's has not advertised a specific cash amount for any prizes; their website has not been updated since July 2010. I can't verify therefore that any cash prizes in any amount are going to be delivered.

Personally, I find dance contests boring and wouldn't pay $5 to see one.