Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ivory Coast's Dobet Gnahore FRIDAY (11/4)

Dobet Gnahore. Photo (c) Michel De Bock courtesy of Rock Paper Scissors.

Seriously...have I just never noticed before, or is the Triangle awash in opportunities to hear African music right now?

NEXT on the roster: Ivory Coasts's Dobet Gnahore. She's strikingly gorgeous, an experienced professional dancer, singer and musician, and she speaks French (so therefore, local interviews and press coverage have been limited). Music style is contemporary, with influences from Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, Congo, etc. She's the daughter of Ivorian percussionist Boni Gnahore, and has three solo albums to her credit. Musically and personally, she has paired up with French guitarist Colin Laroche de Félin.


WHEN/WHERE: This FRIDAY (11/4) at Stewart Theater, 8 pm.

Indypick blurb here.


Tickets run $24-28 at Stewart Theater (NCSU still has the lowest precios populares among the area's elite arts series). Discounts apply if you are faculty, staff, or student at NCSU.

PARKING NOTE: because of some construction/campus street closings, Cates Ave. is blocked for about one block between Talley Student Center and the parking deck, but do not be deterred. You can access the usual FREE parking deck via PULLEN ROAD.

Coming soon: Touareg desert bluesmen, Tinariwen, at the Cat's Cradle, Sunday, Nov.13.

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