Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bobby Sanabria LIVE Today on WXDU

Breaking: Bobby Sanabria, Nujackrican drummer extraordinaire, pledges to drop by the studio today for an on-air visit to Azucar y Candela -- exactly what time will be a surprise, but I predict sometime between 5:50 and 6:30 pm! Tune in at 88.7 FM or stream at

Percussion virtuoso Bobby Sanabria brings his savoir faire to Duke University this week for a 3-day residency. Born and raised in the Bronx (where in 2006 a street was named in his honor) of Puerto Rican heritage, Bobby is an internationally respected performer and educator. His third album to be nominated for a Grammy, Big Band Urban Folk Tales, was released in 2007.

Sanabria has an egalitarian eloquence in the musical languages of both Afro-Caribbean folklore and African-American jazz. He understands (and can communicate, both verbally and musically) that these diverse rhythmic traditions of the Americas share a common history and have been, in fact, in conversation with each other for the better part of several centuries. He has added his own bold statements to that conversation through his work as a leader and arranger in both small and large formats, from the quartet to the big band.

To learn more about Bobby's many awards and prominent associations in the world of Latin music, visit Please join me today on Azucar y Candela to hear more from the man himself!

More on Bobby Sanabria Visit...Developing...

Bobby's first rehearsal with the Duke Jazz Ensemble is tonight, I will drop in after the show and report back. I'm curious to see what big band charts he will be rehearsing with them. Will post here about any master classes or other public events.

UPDATE: Bobby will do an informal Q&A with John Brown's Introduction to Jazz class on the Duke East Campus, Richard White Auditorium, from 4:25-5:40 pm today (Wed). Following that, I will be expecting him to drop by my show a little before 6 pm.

Don't forget the main event Friday night (10/24): Bobby's visit culminates in a public concert in Baldwin Auditorium. Tickets are a mere $5, so there is NO EXCUSE to miss this one! Bobby will play with Bradley Simmons, John Brown, the Duke Afro-Cuban and Djembe Ensembles, the Duke Jazz Ensemble, and confirmed guest Pako Santiago (bongos).

Tip: Tonight (Wed 10/22) is also one of John Brown's Jazz at the Mary Lou jam sessions, and if past experience is any indicator, Bobby Sanabria may sit in as a surprise guest. That's if Mr. Aché is not too beat after a long first day of air travel, classes, interviews and rehearsals!

See Onda Carolina calendar for details on all events.

Corrections added: Pako Santiago will play bongo, not timbales. Also, as of press time Chino Casiano is not confirmed to be singing with the group, as previously reported.

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