Friday, October 3, 2008

Que Orquesta!

It seems obvious in retrospect. But who would have thought, that by pooling the resources of our university, high school, and professional musicians, that we could end up with such a truly grand orquesta, such as David Garcia has fashioned out of Charanga Carolina?

Some scenes from last night's performance at Durham Academy:
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Garcia in action

Grand orquesta

fluteful improvisation

It's a beautiful experiment. I wish I could have played in a charanga when I was in high school! I wish I could have experienced the joy of Latin music when I was playing violin back then...I knew the intensity of Mahler, the ecstasy of Strauss, even the swing of Gershwin, but I didn't yet know clave, or danzon, or salsa. I envy these students!

An inspiration award goes to Bela Kussin, who had a leading hand in founding the Fiesta Latina at Durham Academy 3 years ago. Her invitation to Garcia and the Charanga to play there quickly led to collaboration, drawing DA student string players into the ensemble.

To see our local Latin musicians on stage with them is also a beautiful thing. Invited guests: Nelson Delgado and Ramon "Chino" Casiano, vocals, Andy Kleindienst (a Charanga alum), trombone, Alberto Carrasquillo, trumpet, Brevan Hampden, congas, Ramon Ortiz, timbales.

As the crowd trailed out to catch the VP debate and stagehands wrapped electrical cords, Brevan and Ramon refused to give up the groove. I took a series of pictures of their impromptu descarga, this is the first:
after hours rumba series...
Watch the rumba heat up at my flickr stream by clicking on the photo.

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Andy said...

I dig your style! Nice article as always and great pictures. You certainly know how to capture the moment!