Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NEW Carmen's Party for Old School Salseros

A new monthly salsa party opens this weekend at Carmen's. Promoter Caribbean Twilight's Tropical Origins party gets off the ground this Saturday (1/10) at 10 pm. At $10 per person, and offering free admission to women before 10:30 pm, the party aims to give second-Saturday favorite Copa Night at George Garage's a run for its money.

Ricardo "TNT" Diquez (former vocalist with Samecumba and DJ at the old Havana Grill in Chapel Hill) will mix this old school salsa party based on his cultural experiences growing up in Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

"Back in Venezuela we would play two salsas, one merengue, two salsas, one bachata, two salsas, one vallenata. But heavy on the salsa," Ricardo says.

Members of his current band, Tropic Orchestra, may assemble informally Saturday for a live descarga, something Ricardo hopes will become a regular feature of the Tropical Origins party.

"I want it to be a place where dancers and musicians will hang out and jam," says Ricardo.


Talut said...

What will the party get out of actually stating they want to take Copa Night's business? It's only going to tear hardcore salseros more apart than they already are.

Sylvia P. said...

Sorry if this story caused confusion. The promoters told me tonight they were unaware of the conflict.

There was no desire to sow bad blood here, and for the record no one ever stated to me that they were out to steal anyone's business.

All I was trying to say was: it seemed like a bold move to schedule this party the same night as George's, but apparently that was accidental.

Hope that clarifies things.