Sunday, January 18, 2009

Salsa Inaugural Ball TONIGHT

Orquesta GarDel plays FREE tonight as part of Carrboro festivities in honor of Barack Obama's inauguration.

Sunday (1/18), 8:30-9:45 pm
Century Center, Carrboro

UPDATE added 1/26:

Just like being there...
only darker. Underexposed footage of The Beast at a related inaugural ball at Carrboro's The Station. The visual is a bit of a throwaway, but the audio of their salsa-inspired tune "Translation" is pretty decent. For those who don't know, The Beast is Pierce Freelon's live hiphop group featuring the gardelicious talents of Pete Kimosh (bass) and Eric Hirsh (keyboards) plus Stephen Coffman on drums. Tim Smith sits in on saxophone.

Prior to this, GarDel's set at the Century Center for an audience of dancers, hippies and hula hoopers was energetic and relaxed. Just what everyone needed in the New Year and the new administration. This is such a great venue for live music and dancing, it's a pity we don't get to hear salsa there more often.

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