Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Like Being There

Here is some footage I took of Sin Miedo, a D.C. band led by French pianist and vocalist Didier Prossaird, in Roanoke in late January. They played the afterparty for the Arturo Sandoval concert at the Jefferson Center. Three guys from a local college are doing Cuban line-dancing in front; the one with his hat on backwards is Cuban, the others are his proteges. I danced some rueda with them later on.

Sin Miedo from Santa Salsera on Vimeo.
Alfredo Mojica is the talented vocalist and timbalero; Rene Ibanez is on congas, Steve Sachse bass, Antonio Orta sax/flute, Scott Gearhart trumpet.

los tres
didn't show to the afterparty, but I brought along three of his Cuban sidemen--Philbert Armenteros, Manuel Valera and Alexis Arce (one of the "Pututis"). I have some more video of them sitting in with Sin Miedo... yet to come...

Sandoval after party

Pardon the shaky video (I'm new at this)--I wanted to edit this down but couldn't figure out what app I have that works, so, here is all 8 and a half minutes of descarga glory.

Descarga Cubana from Santa Salsera on Vimeo.

Solos: Antonio Orta - saxophone, Philbert Armenteros - congas, Alexis "Pututi" Arce - timbales.

You will see Didier directing his band, and Rene (a fellow Cubano, seen above with Philbert giving the thumbs up) setting up mics, etc. as Philbert takes the rumba seat, Pututi mans the timbales and Manuel works the keyboard like a gymnast. Hard to believe Valera's first instrument was saxophone until he came to the States in 1994! Some of you saw him here in October with Dafnis Prieto's spectacular sextet.

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