Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tigritos vs. Yonics

More about the Los Tigres del Norte show coming's a peek at the merch table:

Los Tigres del Norte


Read my concert review in Indy online blog SCAN.

Los Yonics opened, they are a band of 10 from Acapulco fronted by father/son duo Jose Manuel Samacona and Jose Manuel Samacona Jr.. Their genre is Romantico (so says saxophonist Sanchez, who chatted with me backstage), but they incorporate various rhythms and styles including cumbia, durangense and tierra caliente. As indicated, they had a real brass section (trumpet, sax, two trombones) and two keyboardists, synthesizing other sounds like tuba and accordion. According to this video interview in Spanish with El Barrio, they are in their 33rd year, and the saxophonist I spoke to (seen in first photo below, second from right) has been with them for 17.

Los Yonics

Papa y Hijo

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Los Yonics wound up their set with a ranchera classic, Jose Alfredo Jimenez' "El Rey":

Los Yonics from Santa Salsera on Vimeo.
"Muy padre," as they said on La Ley.

UPDATE: Los Tigres

Here are Los Tigres del Norte doing their 1971 classic "Contrabando y Traícion" at last night's show:

Los Tigres del Norte from Santa Salsera on Vimeo.

And, a couple of short incidental videos -- this one shows more of Don Jorge's (in white hat) unique body language when he is singing corridos:

Body Language from Santa Salsera on Vimeo.

And this one shows women getting up onstage and posing for photos - without being whisked away by security! Los Tigres really love their fans:

Parade of Lovelies from Santa Salsera on Vimeo.

Read my concert review in Indy online blog SCAN.

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