Thursday, May 7, 2009

Latinos in Film: Tuesdays and Thursdays in May on TCM

Tonight will be day 2 of Turner Classic Movies' monthlong series on Latino Images in Film, every Tuesday and Thursday evening in May.

There are so many films of interest, highlighting both positive and negative stereotypes of Latinos in Hollywood, that I can only refer you to the schedule. Some personal favorites I'm excited to see again:

The blacklisted union drama Salt of the Earth (5/12) starring real New Mexico mineworkers as themselves;

Ricardo Montalban and Shelley Winters in an immigrant love story that examines class, racism and the American Dream, My Man and I (5/14);

The Mambo Kings (5/21) featuring Tito Puente in a ballroom scene, Machito's son Mario Grillo, and timbalero Ralph Irizarry in a speaking role.

UPDATED: Another "Musicians in Film" Alert:

This Tuesday (5/14) they'll show The Milagro Beanfield War featuring Ruben Blades and Freddy Fender.

Carmen Miranda stars with William Bendix and Don Ameche in Greenwich Village on Thursday, 5/21. That seems to be musical night, as its followed by West Side Story, La Bamba, and Mambo Kings.

J-Lo shows up with Jimmy Smits on 5/28 in My Family.

No musical connection, just one of my favorites: Mexican actress Katy Jurado appears in Trial on 5/19.

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