Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Local Band Spotlight: Pachucos Coahuila

Meet Pachucos Coahuila--aka, bouncy rhythm slingers from Coahuila (via Raleigh):

I met accordionist Ramiro at the Farmer's Market last weekend, where he sold me some nice red yarrow and lantana.

Though originated in Colombia, this style of cumbia is favored in Mexico's northern Coahuila state and the associated Texas border region, Ramiro says.


triste said...

i have seen this band play and they are really something. they can play very good, they have a very good rythm in their music and they are very good dancers as well

Sylvia P. said...

Hola triste,
where did you see Pachucos Coahuila? I would love to check them out live. -Sylvia

triste said...

i sall them at a quince party in a gym on lake wheeler rd. i got a card from them because i want them to play on a party that i am going to make for my sister but its going to be until january. if you want i can give you the number thats on the card.

Sylvia P. said...

triste, a lo mejor me invitas a tu fiesta! prometo de portarme bien. :-) creo que tengo el numero de raul ya, gracias...de donde eres?