Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tambor Vivo THIS WEDNESDAY (7/29)

Follow the drums to the Century Center this Wednesday, where Tambor Vivo, Beverly Botsford's Afro Cuban percussion ensemble, will be performing as part of Carrboro Parks & Rec's Summerdipity concert series:

WHAT: Tambor Vivo at Carrboro "Summerdipity" Concert Series
WHEN: Wednesday (7/29), 7:30-9 pm
WHERE: Century Center, 100 N. Greensboro St, Carrboro
COST: $3/person

I can find no website for this series but recent concerts have charged this admission fee; awaiting confirmation from Carrboro officials.

UPDATE CORRECTION: There is no group rate as previously advertised. Cost is $3 per person. More info on the Carrboro City webpage here.

Tambor Vivo is expanding, with recent additions of Andy Kleindienst (bass/trombone) and Alfredo Morua Averhoff (Cuban percussion, voice). Expect to see live dancing of the Cuban folkloric style of rumba guaguanco from Paso dancers.

Can't think of a better way to spend $3. The drum lives!

Update, posted 8/5:

Video of the closing number--a comparsa. Beverly shows off her aerial shekere skills!


Andy said...

It's gonna be sweet!! Definitely check it out!


Paso. said...

Cavity inducing sweetness.

Vocals and trombone...nice.

I cannot wait to check this out.

Here is the "official" link:


The listing is buried about a third from the top, but you were dead on correct about the fees.

Paso. said...

Correction. A third up from the bottom.