Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moonlit Mellow Montuno

Saludos Compay @ Caffe Driade
Saludos Compay at Caffe Driade

Driade's wine garden (they sell beer and coffees too) is a hot date spot and hang out when Saludos Compay plays once a month. The combo turns on guitars, voices and hand percussion--no timbales or horns--so it's a campfire atmosphere, a place to sip and converse while enjoying the primal groove of Cuban rhythm. There is something of the fairy tale to this color-lit, woodland setting, so if you are inclined to dance, this enclave is romantic.

It's with a mix of sad and happy that I bid public farewell to Victor Murillo, who played classical guitar with Saludos on Friday. Sad to be losing his talents as a multi-instrumentalist (and an excellent salsa dancer), and happy for a wonderful guy who is excited to be moving back to his home and family in Ecuador. Victor leaves Monday, but promises to be back to visit in November for a previously scheduled gig; in the meantime, abrazos y deseos para todo lo mejor!

Victor Murillo & Saludos Compay
Victor (far left) keeping an eagle eye on rhythm section leader Erich Lieth at June's Fiesta Latina. Also pictured: Lisa Lindsay and Arturo Velasquez.

Last Hurrah: Victor Murillo will perform with Erich Lieth's One Sun on the Carrboro Lawn in front of Weaver Street Market this Sunday (9/13) from 11 am - 1 pm.

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