Saturday, September 19, 2009

RADIO ALERT: Prairie Home Compañero

A Prairie Home Companion will have a "Dancing on the Prairie" episode this week, featuring all kinds of dance music, including salsa, swing, tango, waltz, hula and polka.

Performers include The Hot Club of Cowtown, Ledward Ka'apana, Frigg and Twin Cities salsa band Salsa del Sol.

Airs twice, this Saturday and Sunday, on local NPR affiliate WUNC.

WHAT: A Prairie Home Companion's "Dancing on the Prairie" show with SALSA DEL SOL, more.
WHEN: SAT (9/19) 6-8 pm, SUN (9/20) 1-3 pm

WHERE: WUNC 91.5 FM Chapel Hill


I didn't hear the whole show but caught Salsa del Sol doing "Señor Sereno," with lots of Puerto Rico references, and "Rompe Saraguey." Larry Harlow and Hector Lavoe, classic Fania. Don't know who is in the band.

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