Friday, October 1, 2010

OZOMATLI Tonight @ UNC Memorial Hall

Quintessential L.A. Latin rockers Ozomatli bounce in to Memorial Hall tonight, with a fresh, exuberant new album and street cred intact. Fire Away is everything you love about Ozomatli, but boppier and more politically engaged than ever.

Smart music never felt better. Their anthem to equal marriage rights, "Gay Vatos In Love," hits up nostalgic 60s R&B, while other tunes put fresh twists on Ozomatli's global grab bag of samba, ska, salsa, cumbia, punk, ranchera and world rhythms.

"Are you living out your dreams, or simply coasting?" asks the heart-racing "Malagasy Shock," based on a real-life, near-death experience the band experienced recently. [READ MORE at Nat Geo's album preview]

Los Angeles celebrates "Ozomatli Day" on April 23, but Chapel Hill gets its shock treatment TONIGHT, Friday (10/1) at 8 pm at UNC Memorial Hall.

Tickets start at $18, with discounts for UNC students. Box office: or (919) 843-3333.


Carolina Performing Arts event page
Ozomatli artist website

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