Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shakori Update: Plena Libre, Day 2

Plena Libre
Musical director Gary Núñez @ Friday's performance at the Meadow Stage.

Marcos and Gabo
Not heeding the "No Smoking" sign (back right), Marcos Lopez and Gabo Lugo turned up the heat Saturday.

Plena Libre's second show Saturday (10/9) at Shakori Hills didn't disappoint. I had my eyes peeled for a repeat of this tune, "Flores," because it featured percussion solos by young talents Marcos Lopez on timbales, and Gabo Lugo on congas. Sure enough, this bit was more extended and even hotter on Saturday, with a jumping crowd packed in within arm's length of the Dance Tent stage:

Dance Tent people

Victor Velez & Gabo Lugo
Victor Velez with pandereta, the drum of plena.

Victor and Chris
Victor Velez and Chris Nuñez

Shakori People:

Emma & Rafi
Plena Libre's Rafi Falu gives festivalgoer Emma Blackwell a spin on the dancefloor.

Shakori people
Zoe and Josh: Josh is in a marching band and brought his tuba out to Shakori just for fun.

Plena Libre
Dianne Freund with WNCU 90.7 FM deejay Bouna Ndiaye, host of Bounjour Africa.

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