Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lincoln Center Jam @ Talulla's

Following their concert last night at UNC-Memorial Hall, members of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra turned up to jam last night at Talulla's, a regular Friday night jazz jam featuring Al Strong & Trio-tet.

Talullas Jam 1.28.11

I am rushing to get this up, since the show goes on tonight (JLCO again at Memorial Hall, and Orquesta GarDel at Motorco), but this was a descarga to remember. Among the JLCO visitors: Marcus Printup (trumpet), Vincent Gardner and Chris Crenshaw (trombones), and Ali Jackson (drums). Local musicians lined up to go shoulder to shoulder with their heroes. It was a very warm gathering and one rapt jazz fans and players beheld with a sense of wonder.

Talullas jam 1.28.11

Talullas jam session 1.28.11

Talulla's is so dark that my videos are hard to make out, but here's one the sums up the energy of the night. Chris Crenshaw, a master with the plunger who at one point played just his slide and a water glass, a la Jack Teagarden, opens the solos; local legend Brian Miller takes over on saxophone, followed by Richmond's elite James "Saxsmo" Gates. I believe that the core players at this point in the evening are Brevan Hampden, drumset, Paul Creel, bass, and Ernest Turner, piano:

Also present in the jam were trumpeters Angel Rodgers and Kadir Muhammad, saxophonists Andy Paolantonio and Aaron Hill, and trombonist Reggie Greenlee. That's a non-inclusive list. Many others were there just to bear witness. This video features Aaron as second soloist, and Marcus Printup who returns to Chapel Hill and Asheville for engagements in February:

talullas jam 1.28.11

Ernest Turner @ Talullas Jam 1.28.11

Later, Brevan moved to congas, making way for some fine drumming by Aaron Tucker, and to top off the night, JLCO's Ali Jackson. Brevan played a great, long conga solo (uncaptured on video), but I did grab a dark snippet of Brevan and Ali exchanging some percussion dialogue. Use your imagination for the visuals:

JLCO & local musicians at Tallullas

JLCO & local musicians at Tallullas

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