Monday, January 24, 2011

What You Wanted: GarDel's CD Release Party Looms (1/29)

Triangle salseros are abuzz about Orquesta GarDel's much anticipated CD release party this Saturday (1/29) at Motorco. Many contributed to the realization of the EP, Lo Que Tú Querías, via public donations at GarDel's Kickstarter site. So is it any wonder we feel invested?

Read my review of the album here, in this week's Indy.

According to Orquesta GarDel's website, the physical EP is for sale now for $6 at Bull City Records in Durham, and CD Alley in Chapel Hill. You can buy the digital album online here for only $4.

I'm not sure why Motorco booked an opening band--the place is going to be jammed with normally single-minded salseros, making unprecedented use of the spacious, polished dancefloor. That said, I'm kinda stoked to hear Dark Water Rising open, a band of young Lumbees singing and playing their own brand of Southern rock from Robeson County. I hope that the salsa world shows them some hospitality. What's great for both bands is it will bring a diverse audience together.

Sample Dark Water Rising on Reverbnation here.

Dark Water Rising

Facebook Event page: GarDel @ Motorco, w/ Dark Water Rising, Saturday (1/29)


Orquesta said...

Hi all, having an opening band outside of the genre was completely our choice, and Dark Water Rising was at the top of our list. This year we will be experimenting with presenting GarDel not just as a dance band but as a musical act for anyone to learn more about, right along side their favorite jazz and indie rock/folk pursuits. If we can be a catalyst for the integration of diverse audiences, so much the better. Will there be enough dancing? Yes, DJ Salsa Mike spinning between sets and until the end of the night.

See you on Saturday!

Eric Hirsh
co-director, Orquesta GarDel

Sylvia P. said...

Thanks for the comment, Eric. I've already expanded my horizons.