Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Electric Rhapsody: GarDel + Greg Humphreys @ Shakori Hills

Greg Humphreys is leaving us soon to spend the summer in Prague, so here (at last) is my going away present: Greg making musical history with Orquesta GarDel, back in April, sitting in on their salsa set at Shakori Hills with this electric guitar solo:

The early 70s tune, "Que Se Sepa," is a Los Van Van classic, heard in this arrangement made famous by Roberto Roena.

Greg really captured the flavor of the Roena version while making it his own. I got goosebumps hearing them connect the dots from Cuba 1972 --> to Puerto Rico 1974 --> Shakori Hills 2011.

Orquesta GarDel @ Shakori, 4/24/11

GarDel, by the way, performs live at Motorco in a couple of weeks on Saturday, June 11.

Mr. Humphreys, bon voyage and enjoy a summer of bohemia! May you travel light, troubadour, and come back with a suitcase full of songs.

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