Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shakori Memories: Part One

Take me back to Shakori Hills...

The Beast @ Shakori 4.23.11

April showers resulted in the muddiest Shakori in recent memory, making one appreciate anew such modern inventions as the gravel road. I saw cars and SUVs do mudwheelies in the artists' parking lot, sliding downhill into rows of parked cars as they tried to get traction on the once-grassy lanes.

But the music goes on, and on and on, all day and long into the Shakori night. I arrived around 11 am Saturday morning, and caught half of a belly dance class in the Healing Arts area, before wandering over to the Meadow Stage where Greg Humphreys was playing a brunch set. Sol Roots, Pura Fe, Tim Smith, Eric Hirsh, Robert Cantrell and other pals helped out for a song or two.

Greg Humphreys @ Shakori 4.23.11
Greg Humphreys

Greg Humphreys + friends, 4.23.11
Tim Smith, Robert Cantrell and Sol Roots

The mix'n'match jam sessions and artist exchanges that evolve are always among the best Shakori moments.

The Beast
was at the same stage soon after...

The Beast
Stephen Coffman and Pierce Freelon of The Beast

The Beast
shake that tambourine...The Beast's Eric Hirsh

Umalali, the Garifuna Women's Project, was way more folkloric than I expected. I don't know much about these specific musical styles they played except that they are Central American with a strong African component. Of note: the maracas technique (way different from the Caribbean/salsa thing), and these big skin-covered barrel drums. Sometimes they played a clave recognizable as "Latin," sometimes not.


What's wonderful about this clip is the dancing, including audience participation (!):


My Shakori Saturday stretched out 14 hours in total, so I can't tell it all. But I did make it through killer sets in the Dance Tent by Kairaba, Diali Cissokho's exciting new African band out of Pittsboro, and Orquesta GarDel's midnight salsa excursion.

Djiali Cissokho & Kairaba
Jonathan Henderson and Diali Cissokho of Kairaba

More posts on those bands SOON TO COME, including footage of a neat little salsa workshop by members of GarDel, with old time fiddle players sitting in!

Only at Shakori Hills...

Umalali @ Shakori 4.23.11

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