Monday, September 15, 2008

Dos Poetas Mexicanos

Here's another Rockrigo video that is so achingly sweet, I just have to share it (gracias a Jorge of Tercer Divisa Nacional). The song is called, "Distante Instante":

A little eerie how he talks about his own death. A fellow named Sergio García made that negative-image video 10 years posthumously, in 1995.

Besides having a simon-&-garfunkelesque vibe, Rockrigo's simple poetic style reminds me a lot of ranchera singer/songwriter Cuco Sánchez (1921-2000). His less boisterous songs like "La Cama de Piedra" and "Anillo de Compromiso" would make good side-by-side comparisons here, but this was the most interesting live footage I could find:

The song is "Fallaste Corazon," I don't know what movie this is from. It appears Cuco wrote it sometime in the early '50s, and this looks like Mexican movie footage from that time period. However, the song shows up in a lot of different films on IMDb and was also the name of a 1968 telenovela Cuco appeared in.

On second thought...look at that poofy hairstyle on the barmaid! And the soundstage...I'm betting on 1968 tv.

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