Monday, September 15, 2008

Words on the Street

A little late for posting Mexican Independence Day celebrations, but Franco Gallardo y Los Charros de Mexico are at La Maraka tonight (see bottom half of poster, Monday, 9/15):

La Maraka 9/15

Also found this, when I was out cruising posters at the tiendas along Roxboro Road: very popular bachateros Monchy y Alexandra will be at Ambis 1 in Raleigh on Friday, 9/26:

Ambis, Monchy y Alexandra 9/26

Also, on the left there, merengue band Oro Solido, with Bachata Asurr, will be at Club Menage in Greensboro on 9/19.

If you've ever danced to bachata at all, you will have some passive recall of Monchy y Alexandra's hits. "Perdidos" and "Dos Locos" are two on YouTube that I can remember hearing in the past month. "Hoja en Blanco" (their first big hit as a duo in 1998) is the one you've probably danced to a thousand times.

A lot of Latin popular dance music is highly commercialized, which means it is both highly polished and highly recycled. It seems that, before it was a bachata, "Hoja en Blanco" was a Colombian vallenato hit for Esmeralda Orozco and Omar Geles, with Los Diablitos de Vallenato.

Huasteco Olds

Finally, I saw this DIY ad for a live trio huasteco on an Oldsmobile. There were more of these number stickers in mysterious, symmetrically ordered patterns on other parts of the vehicle, as well as old AAA and Fraternal Order of Police stickers. As if a trio huasteco in Durham were not intriguing enough!

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Lisa B. said...

Call them up and find out when their gigs are!