Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Parizade [International] Party is Baaaaack....Saturday (9/6)

Remember La Mama de Los Pollitos, the original monthly Latin mixer at Cafe Parizade, with its sinuous floorplan, industrial vaulted ceilings, and slightly racy Mediterranean-style murals? Well, it's by the same events promoter who started the tradition, but now on a different night.

Colombian promoter Ricardo Morales originated the "First Friday" fiesta at Parizade, sometime around 2003. At the time it was a new concept in the Triangle Latin scene, urbane and multicultural, a warehouse for well-heeled young professionals, students, and generally attractive people of both sexes, with a hint of exclusivity.

Tai Lopez took over First Fridays at some point, then moved the monthly operation to Spice Street in Chapel Hill. Successive owners of his promotions business, Triangle Fiestas, continue to run it, as well as weekly parties minted on a similar model at Raleigh's Red Room.

Ricardo has kept his hand in promotions and management over the years; notably, he oversaw the remodel of Carmen's Cuban Cafe and Touch Ultra Lounge a few years ago. For awhile, he also booked the entertainment there, and used to bring in live local salsa bands every Friday night. While this was great for bands with a following, not enough of a scene materialized to make the laudable experiment pay.

It was at Carmen's that I ran into Ricardo again this Tuesday, at the weekly social of Mambo Dinamico. He was there to spread the word about Secret--his resurrected International Party at Parizade, coming up this Saturday (9/6), and every first Saturday of the month...

As if there weren't enough to do this weekend, with bands competing for attention at Raleigh Wide Open, La Fiesta del Pueblo AND the Benefit to Unchain Dogs...


Marsosudiro said...

Awesome! I think I saw some public-access TV coverage of one of the Parizade Latin Nights and I was amazed to see that scene in Durham: a well-produced TV spot with excited, happy, stylish people grooving in Spanish and English.

Sylvia P. said...

Note: the event is better described as "an international party, just like back in the days," says promoter Ricardo Morales, so I changed "Latin" in the title to "International." Just how international? DJs NYT and Carlos will be playing "house, salsa, gypsy music, Brazilian, Arabic and European" grooves. Thanks for the note, Ricardo!

Also: Hi, Marsosudiro, long time no see! Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.