Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cubanismo @ Mosaic Tonight (12/18)

Mosaic has decided to make the unofficial rumba night "official" - they are calling it Cubanismo, one Thursday a month, featuring Cuban rumba and other drum rhythms by Tambor Vivo "featuring Robert Cantrell".

So, tonight is your night, people!

Live sets are 10:30 and 11:30, DJ'ed salsa etc. in between. Cuba freaks, expect your people to be here, all the rumba guaguanco classes from Paso, and other folks crazy for rhythm.

Quoth Eduardito, in Paso's newsletter:
"Though Mosaic is quite refined in its presentation, I can still taste the dirt of Cuba within the sounds of Tambor Vivo."

A Morroccan wine cellar with blues trains rolling by on Jones St., Mosaic is bohemian with worn, stone floors, low light and comfy enclaves. It does feel like a solar when the Cuban dancers get going. Their staff is exceptional, polite and welcoming.

Oh, and it's FREE, there's NO COVER. So rumba on down.

Mosaic Wine Lounge, 517 W. Jones St (near Glenwood corner), Raleigh. See calendar!

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