Saturday, December 13, 2008

Party Fight: GarDel VS. Sajaso

The battle of the bands is on tonight, Saturday (12/13), with two live salsa groups competing for your inner clave:

Sajaso lists a Carmen's gig tonight on their myspace.

Carmen's PR has been a little lax on this. Their web calendar says "Puerto Rican Night," but management confirmed today by phone that a live "salsa band" is booked.

On the other foot, Orquesta GarDel is presumably ready for the big Cobo Brothers "Black and White" Latin soiree at George's Garage.

The policy seems to have shifted a bit on ticket prices for the GarDel event. In my inbox this morning, the Cobo Brothers have announced that they have extended the deadline to get discounted online tickets for $15 until 6 pm TONIGHT ("no exceptions").

However, only the first 25 people dressed in "all black and/or white" will get in for $15 at the door. After that, it looks like the door price is going to be $20 for everybody.

The Black and White party at George's will start at 11, and will go an hour later than usual, until 3 am. GarDel plays two sets. In between, the Cobo Brothers Dance Company and guests will put on a mambo show. If this equals the style and atmosphere of the GarDel performance there in August as part of the NC Salsa Festival, it will be a night to remember.

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Eric said...

GarDel is bringing a new chart (some Palmieri) and a well-rehearsed band. ANNND it's Jay Kaufman's (2nd tpt)last show before he leaves the country for good. More reasons that it will definitely be a night to remember!