Friday, December 12, 2008

La Maldita Vecindad

This was my first visit to "la maldita vecindad." The directions were not very good, but I saw red, green and white lights from the highway and recognized the buildings from the documentary.

Virgin of Guadalupe shrine

This beautiful shrine was set up in a alcove constructed out of plywood at one end of the large event tent. As you poked your head in, the smell of roses and perfumed candles hit you. The dance formations were oriented toward it, so it seemed like the matachines were offering their dances to her. I heard one person approach the shrine and speak to her. So the shrine seemed to function like a living presence or participant, a guest of honor.


This "handsome" diablo greeted me in the parking lot. I asked why the devils had babydolls, and he said, "because we're devils" and devils carry away babies. Then he said something fresh, and the girl next to me started laughing. The devils also carried whips.

A couple more pictures are at my flickr stream--click on either photo to go there.

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