Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CARNAVALITO Open Air Dates This Thursday, Friday

Back-to-back FREE concerts by Carnavalito this week:

Mosaic Wine Lounge in Raleigh throws a patio party to celebrate their 3rd anniversary this THURSDAY (6/25). Live music by Carnavalito from 8-9 pm, followed by deejays. This should be a pleasant repeat of the band's gig there during the Mosaic Spring Music Fest earlier this month; view my video here.

Then, Carnavalito plays the Brightleaf Square concert series in Durham on FRIDAY (6/25), 7-9 pm.

Both events are outdoors and free of charge.


Paso. said...

Sylvia...we are awaiting some news or commentary. Where are you?


Sylvia P. said...

In a deep funk! ;-) You are right, I have a LOT of backposting to do. Thanks for giving me some added motivation to get up, and get down.

New video, reviews etc. coming soon...