Monday, June 8, 2009

Mambo Compañeros' Media High Jump

Good news: the small media campfire set here about the Sotomayor mambo is blowing back a few sparks toward Norway.

Mambo Compañeros saxophonist Kåre Kolve managed to get both our names in lights today in the Norwegian national daily!

I think one of my wildest dreams just came true. Not only that, I learned the word for "high jumper" in Norsk (= høydehopperen).

Shout out to all my mambo-loving, Dagbladet-reading brothers and sisters! Velkommen til Onda Carolina, and keep supporting Latin music in your Scandinavian wonderland...un cariño especial a los caribeños allí.

What's next? Will Judge Sonia Sotomayor herself check in with an opinion? You never know...


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