Monday, June 15, 2009

taco heard round the world

Durham taco culture is booming:

New York Times, "36 Hours in Research Triangle Park"
(See Item 6)

La Vaquita was also featured in Gourmet magazine a year or so ago. The mole is to die for; I've heard raves about the pollo de crema and the flan. I hope all that publicity means they will never close. Little known fact: you can call your order in.

ordene aqui
Photo credit: Lisa Brockmeier

I still mourn the de facto end of El Paraiso, on Alston Ave., which used to be run by that lady and her daughters who appear to have moved on. In the kitchen, she always had a giant bowl of masa dough from which she crafted all her various delicacies by hand. I've never had an empañada that was so light and crisp, so absent of dull, residual grease despite being fried. Heaven.

Last I was there, an interloper was selling only tacos, and those made with store-bought tortillas. Pirata! Someone has told me since that the wonderful, random murals on the bunker-like concrete structure have been painted over; no more floating Corona bottles on an electric lime-green background. I guess it's really over.

So, what's missing from your "36 Hours" list?

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Sylvia P. said...

I think the beauties of Durham come from living here, not spending 36 hours here. Great bargains on good living. Here's a starter list of some of my favorite institutions: Sam's Blue Light (Sam's Quik Mart), Wine Authorities, Everything But Granny's be continued...