Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Afro Cuban All Stars in Greensboro THIS FRIDAY (4/3)

The Afro Cuban All Stars will target Greensboro's Carolina Theatre for a massive vacilón this Friday (4/3):

Nostalgia band brings new faces in '09.

Juan de Marcos' latest combination features expatriated Cubanos, to steer clear of potential headaches with visas and the all-important FBI security clearances. This is the hurdle that since 2003 has in essence prohibited Cuban touring, going on 6 years now. Soon to be a thing of the past? Rumors are flying, but at this time unconfirmed. We'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, Afro Cuban All Stars are in the 7th week of a grueling 8-week tour that has already taken them from the West Coast through the Southwest, the Midwest and Northeast. View full tour schedule here on Timba.com, including dates in nearby Virginia and Atlanta this week. The tour will wind up in Miami on April 11.

These details on the 2009 Afro Cuban All Stars lineup were reported in All About Jazz.com:
"Ignacio 'Nachito' Herrera (Minnesota), pianist and ex-musical director of Tropicana Orchestra and Cubanismo

Calixto Oviedo (Stockholm), drummer, performed with Adalberto Alvarez, NG La Banda, Pacho Alonso, etc.

Yaure Muniz (Madrid), Igort Rivas (Curacao) & Miguel Valdes (Vancouver), trumpeters, members of the Buena Vista Social Club, but also lead trumpet players with Paulo FG, Klimax, Tropicana Orchestra, etc.

Alberto 'Molote' Martinez (Amsterdam), trombonist, member of the original line up of Buena Vista Social Club, but also a featured member of Elio Reve's Orchestra, Cuban Symphonic Orchestra, etc."

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