Saturday, March 14, 2009

One that got away: El Tri

Why doesn't Disco Rodeo have a website? Because they can pack the place without bothering to let the gringos know that El Tri is in town. I hear...I hear, they played there last night.

I really should listen to the radio more often. Mexican acts promote through three main means: Hispanic media (Que Pasa newspaper, La Ley 96.9 FM), physical postering at tiendas, and word of mouth. Zero web presence. Perhaps I need to increase my word of mouth presence; get a stringer on the street who, for a nominal subscription fee, would keep Onda Carolina up to date. This is one information gap Lisa and I intended to bridge, or at least make inroads, when we started the blog. But it takes time to chase down information at tiendas every week.

It would be nice to somehow make more connections between the two entertainment economies, the Hispanic word-of-mouth market, and the "mainstream" one where the threshold of expectation is that there will at least be an internet presence, maybe even a Facebook page. Mainstream promoters are often interested in breaking into this market, but it's a communications gap as well as, often, a cultural one.

Easier said than done. Still, this is a good reminder to keep trying harder.


Wolfy Jack said...


Yes, I have noted the two tracks in promo.

I note Grupo Niche is coming back to RumbaDCache March 20 which has barely got out in the English audience

Those of us who went to see El Gran Combo might be reluctant to go after the screwup last time when the band didn't play until 2 AM.

Did you see Jose Conde y Ola Fresca was going to be at Shakori Festival on Friday Night. Gardel is playing Thursday.

I had never heard Jose Conde and sampled them and they sound great
For a dancer, this is just solid dancable groove music and I like the 170-180 bpm tempo which is a little slower but works for most dancers.

Sylvia P. said...

Hi Jack, thanks for the word about Grupo Niche. The dance network grapevine is crucial.

As for El Gran Combo, I feel sorry for the promoter, as the troubles were sheerly caused by travel delay. They flew in to Charlotte and bussed to G'boro, which was part of the problem. Their flight from Vancouver via Chicago had been delayed, and they'd been in Alaska the day before that. Considering what they'd been through, I thought the band was amiable and gave us a good show. They probably didn't get to sleep in their hotel rooms in Charlotte at all before flying back to PR that morning.

I am really stoked about Shakori, I keep missing Jose's shows but my analysis is that he sings with the technique of a traditional Cuban sonero, albeit his "sound" is much more of an urban, modern fusion. That threw me off at first. I will be there for sure this time.