Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grupo Niche, Si o No?

Can anyone confirm or deny the Grupo Niche show that was announced by Rumba D'Cache in Greensboro this Friday (3/20)? I have tried repeatedly to contact club owner and promoter, Edwin Dubois, and haven't been able to reach him at his email or phone numbers. Has anyone bought advance tickets?

Furthermore, the event poster is no longer displayed on Rumba D'Cache's homepage or myspace page. What gives?


Eduardito said...

Not quite sure about whether they are playing or not.

However, I do know that the hosting venue is notorious for starting shows absurdly late.

It happened twice in a row with both El Gran Combo and the last Grupo Niche show.

From a business model prospective, management should do anything short of jumping off of a bridge to make the clients happy. 'Rumba D'Cache' has shown over and over again that it cares little about word of mouth marketing.

The club takes advantage of the patience of American audiences! Hard to believe that Grupo Niche could pull this off in native Columbia without a riot!

We were bamboozled twice by this place and there is no way our guys would ever attend any of their events again.

We do need to support events in order to get more. Fair enough. But the line has to be drawn somewhere.

----draw line here----

Now when and where is the next GarDel show?

Venting complete.

Anonymous said...

Well said! As for Gardel they will be playing at George's Garage on April 11

Wolfy Jack said...

I sent an e-mail to Edward asking about the gig and complaining about the last one when EGC did not show until 2 AM (sched for 11P).

He did reply, and gave a very lame excuse, namely that they had turned the clocks back. That was true, but all it meant was that after waiting three hours for the band to show and them not even being able to do a sound check, it was really only 1 AM instead of 2.

I saw Niche at Disco Rodeo back maybe in 99, and they were 2 hours late, but at least they had two good lead in bands whereas the dj at Rumba is the kind of obnoxious type that yells into the mic continually and plays more reggaeton and hip hop than salsa at ear splitting volume.

Hey, I am very psyched on Jose Conde at Shakori Festival. I have not heard him, but like the samples very much and those salseros that saw him at Taste of Durham last year said he was very dancable.

Eduardito, I have an OK from the producer to get some free passes for some good dancers willing to demo. That would be Friday 4/17, band at 12 MN.

Let me know if you are interested.